Accountability Reports (District/School Report Cards)

School Public Accountability Reports (SPARs)  

ACT Data

2009-2013 Flagler County ACT Data  (5 Year Trend) 2013 ACT Data (National & State)
ACT Results by District and by School (FDOE) 2012 ACT Data by District (Florida Only)
2012 ACT Data (National and State)  

AMO Data (Annual Measurable Objectives) (Formerly AYP)

Current Year AMO Data & Objectives AMO Technical Assistance Paper
Archive AMO Data  
2011-12 Flagler Only Math AMO Data 2011-12 Flagler Only Reading AMO Data
2012-13 AMO Presentation & Rankings  

AP Data

National/State AP Data 2008-2012 AP 5-Year Summary Report (FPCHS & MHS)
Spring 2013 Flagler County AP Data Spring 2012 Flagler County AP Data
Current Year AP Demographic Data for Schools/Districts Archive AP Demographic Data for Districts/Schools
AP Results by District & by School (FDOE)  

Archive Data

Archive FCAT Data from FDOE Archive School Grades Data
Archive District Grades Data  

Attendance Data

Average Daily Attendance Per School  


2012-13 Flagler County District CELLA Report 2011-12 Flagler County District CELLA Report
2012-13 State Cella Report  

College Readiness Data

FDOE College Readiness Data By District by Year Common Placement Test Performance
High School Feedback Report for Graduated Students  

Common Placement Tests (taken from colleges/universities)

Common Placement Test Data  

County Level Data

Flagler website  

Demographic Data

FCAT Demographic Data EOC Demographic Data from FDOE

District Grades

FDOE District Grades 2012-13 Flagler County District Grades Report
Archive District Grades Data  

District Rankings

2012-13 District Rankings 2011-12 District Rankings
2010-11 District Rankings 2009-10 District Rankings
2008-09 District Rankings  

Dropout Rates

2004-2013 Flagler County Dropout Rates FDOE Dropout Rates

EIAS Data (FDOE) (Education Information & Accounability Services)

EIAS Data Website  

EOC Results (End of Course Exams)

FDOE EOC Exam Demographic Results Spring 2013 EOC results (also shows FCAT data)

Equity Data & Reports

2011-12 Flagler County Equity Report 2010-11 Flagler County Equity Report
2012-13 Flagler County Equity Report 2012-2013 Flagler Equity Presentation to Board
2011 2012 Flagler Equity Presentation to Board  

Evaluation Data

2011-12 FDOE Evaluation Data by Category  


Spring 2013 Student Achievement Data Spring 2012 Student Achievement Data

FCAT Reading Retake

Spring 2013 Statewide Summary of FCAT Reading Retake Fall 2012 Statewide Summary of FCAT Reading Retake Data
Fall 2013 Statewide Summary of FCAT Reading Retake  

FETPIP (Florida Education & Training Placement Information Program)


FLKRS Data (Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener)

Fall 2011 FLKRS Report of Schools Fall 2012 FLKRS Report of Schools

Free and Reduced Lunch Rates

June 2012 FDOE Free and Reduced Lunch Report School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) Data


2012 2013 GMADE/GRADE Flagler Results  

Graduation Rates

Interactive Graduation Rates 5 Year Graduation Rates
4 Year Federal Uniform Graduation Rates Technical Guide to Graduation Rates
Flagler County 2010-2012 Federal Graduation Rates 2012-2013 Flagler County Graduation Rate Report
2010-2013 Flagler County 4 & 5 Year Graduation Rates  

IB Data

International IB Data  

Mentoring Data  


NAEP State vs. State Comparisons International Data Explorer Homepage
NAEP District Profiles NAEP State Profiles

OCR (Office of Civil Rights) Data

OCR Data Collection Homepage  

Performance Matters

Performance Matters Teacher Login  

SAT Data

National/State SAT Data Flagler 2009-2012 SAT Data
SAT Results by District and by School (FDOE) 2012-13 SAT Analysis (Flagler County)

School Grades

FDOE School Grades Homepage 2012-13 Flagler County School Grades Report
2012-2013 High School Grades Report 2012-13 Flagler Middle School Grades
2012-13 Flagler High School Grades 2012-13 Flagler Elementary School Grades
School Grades Points Tables 2011-12 Flagler County School Grades Report
2012 High School Grades Presentation (Flagler) FDOE School Grades Archive Data

State Rankings

2012-13 Flagler State Rankings Report 2011-12 Flagler State Rankings Report
2012-13 District Rankings