Assessment, Accountability and School Improvement

Teaching and Learning coordinates many aspects of student assessment.  This includes administration and reporting of state-wide, national, international, and organizational assessments such as the FSA, NAEP, TIMSS, and Advanced Placement.  

Additionally, facets of the state accountability initiative fall within the scope of Teaching and Learning.  School grade appeals, data forensics reporting, and the assessment data portions of Flagler’s evaluation system are some of the accountability elements that fall within this scope.  

Lastly, school (SIP) and district (DIAP) improvement, along with the state problem solving process and differentiated accountability (DA), are coordinated by the Teaching and Learning staff.

Please see the links and files listed below for more information. 

State-Wide Assessment Programs

Uniform Assessment Calendar

Daily Assessment Calendars

Assessment Information


District and School Data

Graduation Requirements

Flordia Association of Testing Administrator Resources

Accountability Information

School Improvement and School Advisory Council