Instructional Materials


2016-2017 Instructional Materials Adoption Cycle

Social Studies Grades K-12

Timeline for Adoption Cycle: 
January 27, 2017:    NEFEC Instructional Materials Review Fair
February 13, 2017:   Publisher presentations to committee
February 15, 2017:   Publishers will send samples to schools.
March 1, 2017:         Input due from schools.
March 1, 2017:         Public review period begins. Access to materials will be made available online.
March 20, 2017:       Public review period ends.
March 21, 2017:       Public comments will be heard at School Board meeting.
April 18, 2017:          School Board approves recommended materials.
April 19, 2017:          30-day period for parental objection of materials begins.
May 18, 2017:           Deadline to submit parental objection forms.
June 18, 2017:          Public hearing for formal objections.