Instructional Materials


2016-2017 Instructional Materials Adoption Cycle

Social Studies Grades K-12

Timeline for Adoption Cycle: 
January 27, 2017:    NEFEC Instructional Materials Review Fair
February 13, 2017:   Publisher presentations to committee
February 15, 2017:   Publishers will send samples to schools.
March 1, 2017:         Input due from schools.
March 1, 2017:         Public review period begins. Access to materials will be made available online.
March 20, 2017:       Public review period ends.
March 21, 2017:       Public comments will be heard at School Board meeting.
April 18, 2017:          School Board approves recommended materials.
April 19, 2017:          30-day period for parental objection of materials begins.
May 18, 2017:           Deadline to submit parental objection forms.
June 20, 2017:          Public hearing for parental objections.

Click here for the list of newly-adopted Social Studies instructional materials.

Click here to access the parental objection form. All forms must be received by the Flagler Schools Office of Teaching and Learning, 3rd floor of the Government Services building by May 18, 2017.