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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many inservice points do I need to recertify?
A:  You need 120 points taken during your 5-year certificate validity period.

Q: What happens to any extra points that I have?
A:  State law allows ESOL and Reading points to be banked for a future certification period. 

Q:  Why are points not showing in my inservice history for workshops I know I attended?
A:  There are three steps to receiving inservice credit for in-county professional development activities: 

      1.) register on ERO;

      2.) attend the activity and sign the attendance roster;

      3.) complete and submit the follow-up activity.

Districts are required to follow the Florida Professional Development Protocol Standards.  These standards require that inservice points be awarded after teachers have implemented what they have learned (the follow-up).

Q:  How do I receive credit for a college course, online course, out-of-district conference or out-of-district workshop?
A:  Complete and submit an INDE-Plan.

Q:  What is the new requirement regarding the ESE points that everyone needs for recertification?

A:  The Department of Education has released a Technical Assistance Paper that clarifies this new legislation.  Read it here.  


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