ESE Parent Survey

2016-17 FDOE ESE Parent Survey Information for Parents

What is the ESE Parent Survey? The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) is required by the United States Department of Education’s, Office of Special Education Programs, to gather information on how well Florida’s schools are supporting parents’ involvement in their child’s education. In order to get this information the FDOE conducts an annual ESE Parent Survey for parents of Pre-k and K-12 students who are receiving services. The survey is open February 1- May 31 of each year and consists of 25 items. You can take the survey online or through paper. You may have already received a paper copy of the survey, letter to parents, flyer, email or call from your school district asking you to participate in the annual ESE Parent Survey.

Is it Confidential? There are no risks to you if you fill out this survey. It is available to you in paper or online and in English, Spanish or Haitian Creole. Your name is not required. Both surveys (PK and/or K-12) ask you to enter the following information: school district, child's school, grade and date of birth. This information is necessary so that FDOE can report the number of surveys completed in each district and reduce the chance of duplicated responses.

A separate agency outside of DOE will keep your answers to this survey private. DOE cannot link you or your child to your answers in any reports. This agency reports to FDOE the number of parents taking the survey and the responses to the items.
All reports will combine answers from many parents and a state level report is published each year with the overall results.

How do I get a survey? You can either complete the online survey or fill out and send in the paper copy that was sent home with your child from school. To access and complete the survey online, go to: For additional copies of the paper survey, contact Sue McVeigh, ESE Parent Specialist, Flagler County SchoolsExceptional Student Education Department: 386-586-2395, Ext. 2105.

Can I get the survey results? Yes, you can get the results. A report is published in the fall of each year and is available on FDOE’s website at: student-edu-parent-survey.stml