Lead Flagler Institute


The purpose of this program is to develop future Flagler Leaders wishing to serve Flagler Schools in an Administrative/Leadership capacity. This program will provide the future leader with essential background knowledge of Flagler Schools. Participants of the Lead Flagler Institute will complete the following items:

  • Active participation in all monthly sessions
  • Completion of assigned coursework including Book Studies, Application activities, etc.
  • Attendance at at least one School Board meeting
  • Complete one 20 Hour Administrative Internship
  • Participate in a program exit interview
  • Complete a Statement of Understanding for Applicants

I understand that I am requesting admission into the Lead Flagler Institute. I understand that I may be committing to several daytime workshops, evening sessions and a 20 hour administrative internship. I also understand that successful completion of Lead Flagler Institute will be based on active participation in all sessions, completion of assigned coursework, attendance at one School Board meeting, and the program exit interview. I understand that, if I have not already done so, I must submit an application by the deadline. I understand the successful completion of this program is not an entitlement or a guarantee for promotional opportunities in Flagler Schools.

Application & Selection Process

Application Process


Application Checklist

Email application and required attachments to: LeadershipDevelopment@flaglerschools.com

Deadline for applications: September 30, 2016