Community Problem Solving Group Providing Comfort to Families of Hospital Patients

Friday, December 16, 2016 - 10:50am

A group of Community Problem Solvers from Flagler Palm Coast High School is looking to provide comfort resources to the families of patients in the hospital. 

The group "Reaching for Relief" is currently fundraising to purchase supplies for overnight care packages. These care packages would be given to the families of patients to ensure that they don't have to rush out and gather supplies to stay overnightwith their loved ones. The care packages include items like a toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoos/conditioners, entertainment items, mints, etc. The students have partnered with Halifax Health and have been providing resources in the waiting rooms of the Pedatric and Neonatal Intinsive Care Units. Currently, they're providing around 50 of these care packages a month.

Beyond the basics, the group has a plan to provide additional pyschological directories and support groups. During the research process for their projects, the students saw how many severe accidents can be just as hard on the families as it is on the patients. Many families suffer from lack of sleep, concentration, decision making skills, and stress management greatly during their stay at the hospital. The "Reaching for Relief" team even decorates the waiting rooms to match the current seasons.

The Reaching for Relief" team is made up of: Mia Scarcella, Rida Muneer, Kayla Colandrea, Ethan Bellinger, Sierra Bice and Nicole Perilli.

To find additional information, click here for the group's GoFundMe page.