Flagler Palm Coast Teacher Receives Top Honor

Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 12:16pm

Flagler Palm Coast High School digital photography and graphic arts teacher Ed Beckett welcomed a few unannounced visitors to his classroom Thursday morning. He wasn't sure what was going on when a line of top administrators from Flagler Schools streamed into his class, including Superintendent Jacob Oliva. "Am I in trouble?" asked Mr. Beckett. Then, Joel Pickering, Community Outreach Manager for Full Sail University in Orlando entered.

During a brief presentation in front of Mr. Beckett's students, Mr. Pickering outlined the University's Hall of Fame events next week. He then unveiled a new award: Full Sail University's Extraordinary Educator Award. Ed Beckett was the very first winner of the award, which recognizes "teaching excellence, leadership, and supporting students' dreams." While Mr. Beckett is not a Full Sail graduate, Joel Pickering says "Ed has been a great champion of ours for a long time. He knows what is best for his students and is a champion of theirs. When it came time to choose the very first honoree, Mr. Beckett was the obvious choice. He will be the one all other honorees will be judged against."

Following the presentation, Mr. Beckett admitted "I didn't know what to say. This is the reason I'm doing this: students come back all the time to say 'thank you.'" 

Mr. Beckett and his wife will attend the Hall of Fame ceremonies at Full Sail University next week, where he will walk the red carpet with this year's inductees to Full Sail's Hall of Fame. He will also be honored during the ceremony itself.