Graduation Rates for 2015-16 Released

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 11:46am


December 20, 2016


Flagler County School District

Jason Wheeler


High School Graduation Rates Continue to Climb in Flagler County


Late last week the Florida Department of Education released the graduation rates for 2015-2016. The overall graduation rate statewide was 80.7 percent, which is nearly three points higher than the previous year.


Locally, Flagler Schools saw a similar increase.


District-wide, 80.4 percent of our students graduated during the 2015-2016 period, which is three points higher than the 2014-2015 school year. It’s also a 5.5 point rise over the past five years.


Both high schools saw gains. Flagler Palm Coast High School’s rate was 78.4 percent (compared to 76.6 percent in 2014-15). Matanzas High School’s graduation rate was 84.1 percent (compared to 81.4 percent in 2014-15).


When looking at the demographics behind the overall numbers, there is also encouraging news.


Among hispanic students, Flagler County’s graduation rate was 80.7 percent, which is above the state average of 79.5. Among black students, the rate was 68.8 which is 5.5 percent higher than the previous year.


For students with disabilities, Flagler Schools had a 58.7 percent graduation rate That’s 9 percent higher than 2014-15. Additionally, 76 percent of students classified as “economically disadvantaged” earned their diplomas, which is higher than the state’s 74.4 percent. Finally, 59.4 percent of Flagler students identified as “at risk” graduated in 2015-16. That is 8 percent higher than the previous year.


Superintendent Jacob Oliva is encouraged at these numbers. While saying there is still room for improvement, he sees the numbers trending in an upward direction, thanks in large part to our students, teachers, and administrators. “What we’re seeing is students becoming more engaged in school, thanks to innovative programs like our Classroom to Careers Flagship programs. We believe when our students are more excited to come to school and learn, they will perform better.”


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