New Resource for Incoming High School Students

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 2:48pm

Flagler Schools is proud to partner up with Project I.N.F.O., a Community Problem Solvers project from Nicholas Blumengarten. He's a student at Buddy Taylor Middle School. As he put it, Project I.N.F.O.'s goal is to "better inform students on the opportunities available to them so that they can make a more informed decision in Flagler High Schools. One way that I have decided to do that is through a page on the district website. The website includes the dual enrollment schools, the flagships, the athletic, the languages, core class tracks, graduation requirements, and the clubs and activities offered at each high school. The page will be one place with all accurate information so that parents and students can go to learn more about which high school that is best for them."

Students and parents can access the site through the Flagler Schools District Website. It is found under the "Student" heading and then clicking on "High School Planning" section on the dropdown menu. You can also CLICK HERE to take you to the site.