World Record Holders Reside at Wadsworth

Friday, March 10, 2017 - 3:55pm

The story behind the pictures!

On March 2nd, the students of the STEM Academy at Wadsworth Elementary School, under the direction of their teacher Martin Evans began building a tower. But it wasn’t just ANY tower.

Thanks to Palm Coast-based Quibits, the students had a world record in mind. They were going after the “Tallest Freestanding Tower Consisting of Construction Toy Pieces.” I know, rolls off the tongue, right?

But there’s a rule that needs to be followed. Actually, there are quite a few but the biggest challenge for these students was getting a civil engineer on site to witness the construction for the record to be valid. Where do you find a last-second civil engineer?

Calls were made and the City of Palm Coast came to the rescue in the form of Mike Peel. With just a couple of hours notification, Mr. Peel headed over to Wadsworth Elementary to become the official witness to the attempt. As he put it, he “couldn’t turn the offer down.” And we’re glad he didn’t turn it down.

In the end, the Quibits tower reached 14’1”, surpassing the former record of a 12’4” tower of Lincoln Logs.

Thank you Qubits, Mr. Peel, Mr. Evans and Wadsworth Principal John Fanelli for helping our students reach new heights!