School Choice

General Info

There are several options for VPK-12 students in Flagler County.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to discuss available opportunities with a school counselor to determine what is best for their child.  Students must apply for choice only once at each level (elementary, middle, and high school) as long as the child lives in the district AND is staying at the same school.  Transfers between districts must be renewed each year.  Questions about School Choice may be directed to the Office of Student and Community Engagement at 386-437-7526, extension 2300.

General Choice

Applications for choice must be completed and submitted to the school the student is requesting to attend using the CHOICE application.  Families will be notified as to the acceptance or denial of the choice application.  Once the student is accepted, records will be requested from the child's prior school (if applicable.) The parent/guardian should bring the notice of acceptance to the choice school to complete paperwork for the child. 

To accept a choice student, the requested school must have capacity (seats available), must meet class size requirements, and must maintain diverse enrollment.  If more students apply than the school can accept, approval will be based on a lottery system.  Preference is given to siblings of students who already attend the school of choice.  Some students may be ineligible to apply for school choice (see the application for guidelines).

it is recommended that Choice students be moved only at the end of grading periods to reduce the impact on grades or credit earned.

Reasons for choice on the application include general preference, hardship, program availablity, sibling match, and employee choice.

Reasons choice is rescinded or removed include having 5 or more unexcused absences, receiving any level 3 or 4 violations of the Code of Student Conduct, or earning any failing grades. 

Families are reminded to consider the possible academic, athletic, and or other results of moving between schools and/or districts.  In some cases, academic credit and athletic eligibility may be impacted.  Parents/guardians of middle and high school students in particular should discuss the possible consequences of transferring prior to applying for School Choice.  Athletic concerns should be discussed with the athletic director.  Academic concerns should be discussed with the school counselor.

Transportation should be a consideration for families applying for School Choice. Parents are required to transport students to the Choice School.  FCSB does not provide transportation for choice students except in very specific cases:

  1.  The student is enrolled in an ESE program not available at the zoned school.
  2. A student who was previously awarded choice based on AYP will continue transportation until the child changes levels (elementary, middle, high).
  3. The student is a secondary student enrolled in a program not available at his or her zoned school (ex. IB, etc.) 
  4. Other extreme case.
  5. Employee children may be transported from the bus stop closest to the employee's house that transports to the choice school, if there is space on the bus.

Transfer Into and Out of Flagler County

Transfers INTO or OUT OF the Flagler School District are done by submitting a Transfer Between Districts application to the Office of Student Services.  Families requesting to enter Flagler Schools while living in another county must provide a letter of release from the school district they live in with the application.  Transfers between counties must be FCSB approved at a regular meeting of the School Board.  These are held every two weeks.  After being approved the family will receive a letter noticing them which can be taken to register at the school site.

Flagler Public Schools Virtual Instruction Program (VIP)

Pursuant to 1002.45. F.S. Flagler School District public school students in grades kindergarten through grade twelve may participate in part-time or full-time virtual instruction programs. Connections Learning provides instruction for students in grades K-6. Dates for full-time enrollment will be published on the district web site annually. Part-time enrollment is also available. Students who wish to register for part-time K-6 courses need to meet with their school guidance counselor. The district Virtual Instruction Program for students in grades 7-12 is iFlagler, a franchise of Florida Virtual School (FLVS). iFlagler uses the same courses as FLVS, but with local teachers who are employed by Flagler County Public Schools.

Visit to enroll, or for more information, please call the district Virtual Instruction Program office at 437-7526, ext. 3118.

Home School

Parents may opt to school their children from home using their own methods and curriculum.   See for more information.  Home School questiosn may be directed to the coordinator at 386-437-7526, x3124.

McKay Scholarship Request

The John M. McKay Scholarship Program allows parents of students with disabilities to choose the best learning environment for their children.  The parent of a Florida public school student who is dissatisfied with the student's progress may remain at their assigned school, attend another public school in the district or adjacent district, or attend a participating private school.  For further information, you may contact the Exceptional Student Education Department at 386-437-7526 or click here. To apply, go the school choice website at  Parents requesting choice to another public school in the district must follow the applicable deadlines for school choice.  The requested school must have capacity, must meet class size requirements, and must maintain diverse enrollment.

Further guidelines regarding the John McKay Scholarship program responsibilities can be found by accessing the FLDOE Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice website at  Florida's McKay Parent Hotline is 1-800-447-1636. 

Guidelines for Revocation of a McKay Scholarship

McKay Scholarships will be revoked/rescinded for the following reasons:

  • Private McKay student returns/re-enrolls in a public school (this includes DJJ for a minimum of 21 days).
  • Student graduates from high school or reaches the age of 22, whichever occurs first.
  • Student demonstrates a pattern of tardiness and/or a pattern of non-attendance.
  • Student demonstrates inappropriate conduct or misbehavior, including referral for disciplinary action.
  • Parental disruption at the school site.
  • Failure to report a change in address.
  • Falsification of student records or information.
  • The private school student does not have regular or direct contact with his/her private school teachers at the school’s physical location.