Flagler County Public Schools
2017-2018 Local Scholarship Program

The annual process for senior scholarships has begun.
In order to keep students and parents alike informed this page will be updated in an ongoing basis as new scholarships are posted in each high school, so please check your respective Guidance departments and this site often for information and due dates.

The process for students:
Check Matanzas or FPC Guidance department posting boards for new applications, these come in over a period of time, so check back repeatedly. This site will also be updated regularly with the same applications that Guidance will have posted on their wall.

When you see one chosen by the organizations for which you may qualify, ask Ms. Summerlot or Ms. Sterzer for the specific number written on or by the sample application. Or, you may download it from this site. Read each application carefully and completely. If it is to be returned directly to the organization, their address and contact name will be given so send it back by the required date. If an app does not specifically specify this, then complete and return it to Ms. Summerlot or Ms. Sterzer by the deadline date.
Applications turned in early are always appreciated.

Posted Applications are of 3 types:
1- Local organizations who prefer that the Scholarship Committee choose the recipients for them. The list of these organizations are posted separately below and updated regularly. You fill out only 1 LOCAL COMMON Application form which is available through Ms. Summerlot at MHS and Ms. Sterzer at FPC. They arereadily available on this site and MUST be typed & printed. This ONE LOCAL COMMON APP form & the information asked for will place you in the pool for ALL scholarships chosen by the Scholarship Committee.

2- Local organizations who choose their own recipients from the applications submitted, these applications are numbered as they are put on the Guidance wall.

3- Regional, state or national scholarships that may be posted on-line by individual organizations or agencies, as well as on the guidance wall, and which applications are sent directly to that group rather than turned in at the school. These types are NOT usually part of the our local Scholarship Program or ceremony, so read them carefully.

See lists of specific organizations and instructions below--

Type 1-
The scholarships listed below are chosen by the Scholarship Committee using the LOCAL COMMON APP FORM link below. This form MUST be typed; the information may be typed directly onto the one attached here. Save your own copy, print and return as directed. Remember this single form covers many scholarships, must be typed, printed, accompanied by any additional information and RETURNED to: Ms. Summerlot at MHS or Ms. Sterzer at FPC.

Click Here for Application


Type 2-
These scholarship applications may be printed from here or picked up in Guidance. Each organization will choose its own recipients and notify the Scholarship Committee of their choices. Applications are listed below.


Type 3-