Security Status

Safety in our schools is and always will be of paramount concern to Flagler Schools and local law enforcement. We take this responsibility very seriously and have worked to make our policies and procedures standard across the entire district.  We have collaborated with the Flagler County Sheriff's Office to ensure the most effective response in case of an emergency at any of our facilities. All county agencies will continue to proceed in concert with each other. This will give us the best chance for a positive resolution.

The following is an updated plan of our four color coded status alerts and their explanations. Each status includes an overview to provide clarification. All Flagler Schools will operate in a green status during normal everyday operations. In the event the individual school's status is changed, appropriate procedures will be followed by the school staff.

In the case of a red status, the effected school campus will have a large law enforcement contingency and non-emergency personnel will be advised to stay off campus until the threat subsides.  While the prospect of not being allowed on campus seems unthinkable, it might be the only way to keep the crisis under control.  The best help for those impacted inside is to allow those outside to do their job effectively and with the ability to focus on the task at hand.  As always, the goal will be to resolve the issue quickly and return to green status.

The District will post information as needed through the District’s website:


- Remain vigilant and report anything suspicious
- Classroom doors remain locked
- All staff are empowered to call 911 


- School business conducted as scheduled

[Community safety issue that may / may not impact the school campus - situation may be fluid]

- Notify staff, via all-call, with a brief reason for color change
- Class changes may continue
- Security staff should remain outside and assist as directed
- Parent pick-up and dismissal may continue as usual

[Added Procedures]

- Any class/recess outside should be moved indoors
- Everyone remains in current location until further notice

(consideration may be given to parent request)
- Law enforcement may be on campus

RED STATUS - Everything Stops!
Serious safety threat on campus

- Staff will be notified via all-call: [2x] This is a code red [brief reason]. This is not a drill.
- School(s) go into immediate lockdown
- Safety measures are implemented
- No one will be allowed on or off campus except emergency personnel

Updated on August 2016