Staff Directory

Executive Director Instructional & Operational Innovation

Executive Director
Technology Secretary

Executive Director of Finance

Chief Financial Officer
Finance Secretary

Executive Director of Leadership Development

Executive Director
Executive Secretary

Executive Director of Student & Community Engagement

Executive Director
Department Secretary

Executive Director of Teaching & Learning

Executive Director
Teaching & Learning Secretary




Finance Director
Purchasing Coordinator

IOI - 1

District Technology Coordinator
Technology Coordinator
Technology Coordinator
Technology Service Coordinator

IOI - 2

MIS Director
MIS Secretary
MIS Support Specialist

LD - 1

Chief Human Resources Officer
HR & Payroll Supervisor
Benefits Specialist
Benefits Specialist
Certification Specialist
HR Receptionist
Payroll Clerk
Payroll Clerk
Personnel Specialist
Personnel Specialist
Personnel Specialist
Personnel Specialist
Position Control Coordinator
Risk Manager & Safety Spec.

LD - 2

Custodial Services Director
Custodial Services Secretary
Custodial Services Assistant Supervisor
Custodial Services Bookkeeper
Custodial Services District Supervisor

LD - 3

Facilities Director
Facilities Secretary
Project Manager
Project Manager

LD - 4

Fleet Manager
Fleet Secretary

LD - 5

Transportation Director
Transportation Secretary
Transportation Bookeeper
Transportation Dispatcher

LD - 6

Food Services Director
Food Services Bookkeeper

Office of the Superintendent

Executive Secretary

SCE - 1

Attendance & Health Services Administrator
Community Info. Specialist
Coordinator of Student & Behavior Supports
Coordinator Special Projects
Counseling Services Coordinator
FIT Liaison
Health Services Secretary
Office Specialist for Community Engagement
SCE Secretary
Use of Facilities Specialist

SCE - 2

ESE Director
ESE Secretary

SCE - 2.5

Lead Staffing Specialist
ESE Parent Specialist
Staffing Specialist Assistant

SCE - 3

Ed Foundation Executive Director
Ed Foundation Finance Data Specialist
Ed Foundation Scholarship Specialist

School Board

Board Member District 1
Board Member District 2
Board Member District 3
Board Member District 4
Board Member District 5
Board Secretary/Paralegal
Legal Counsel

Teaching & Learning

Assessment & Accountability
Curriculum Specialist
Curriculum Specialist
Curriculum Specialist
Curriculum Specialist
Curriculum Specialist Asst.
Data Quality
Federal Programs Bookeeper
Federal Programs Coordinator
Federal Programs Specialist
Title I & III Specialist

TRAIL Transition Program

Project SEARCH ESE Teacher
TRAIL Employment Specialist
TRAIL Job Coach
TRAIL Job Coach
TRAIL Job Coach
Transition Coordinator