Water Testing Results

Water Testing Results (update 8/19/19)
Posted on 08/16/2019

(updated August 23, 2019) Test results from our re-test of the three sites in question came back Friday afternoon. These samples were taken after the sites at Wadsworth and Bunnell Elementary Schools were flushed, as well as the site at the A1A Center. At Wadsworth Elementary, the lead levels were recorded at 0.0035 milligrams per liter (the level for alarm is 0.015 mg/L). At Bunnell Elementary, the lead levels were recorded at 0.0012 mg/L. At the A1A Center, the lead levels were recorded at 0.0031 mg/L. First thing Monday morning, the systems at the three sites will be flushed once again before the bags are removed from all faucets and fountains. Flagler Schools thanks our teachers, staff, parents, and students for being so understanding while we took the steps to ensure the water was safe to drink at all three sites. (updated August 19, 2019) Plant Services will have flushed the water in Building 2 of Wadsworth Elementary, Building 3 of Bunnell Elementary, and at the A1A Center by the end of the day today. Tuesday morning, before classes begin, samples will be taken and then sent to a lab for further testing. We anticipate getting those results back on Thursday or Friday. Wednesday, August 21st the fittings, faucets, and bubbler in the two rooms in question at Wadsworth Elementary will be replaced. The outdated water fountain at Bunnell Elementary will be replaced as well. As for the A1A Center, they will only do the flushing regime as that sample was right at the acceptable limit. Thursday, August 22nd, testing will be done again. We expect results will be well below the acceptable limits. However, if the results from the Tuesday testing still exceed the limits, we will have the Thursday testing (done after the flushing and replacement) which will be used as a re-test. Flagler Schools thanks the utility departments with the City of Palm Coast and the City of Bunnell for their help and expertise throughout this process. (original release) Plant Services annually tests the water quality at all facilities built prior to 1986.

This year’s test for Wadsworth and Bunnell Elementary Schools, which was conducted earlier this month showed excessive amounts of lead at the test site in building two at WES and in building three at BES. Both sites tested negative during last year's water quality test.

Per protocol, a retest was conducted to rule out any false-positives and those results came back today, confirming the previous results. At Wadsworth, the sample measured .036 milligrams per liter and the Bunnell sample measured .052 milligrams per liter. The US Environmental Protection Agency warns of levels above .015 milligrams per liter. This is the first time the water quality has been in question like this at both campuses.

The test on building one at Wadsworth Elementary was NOT positive.

Out of an abundance of caution, we are limiting the usage of water to just hand-washing and flushing of toilets in both building two and building one, since they operate on the same system. The same precautions are being taken at Bunnell's building three.

We are providing drinking water for the three buildings in question. The principals at both Wadsworth and Bunnell Elementary Schools have informed their staff and families about the situation.


Again, the water is fine for washing hands and for using toilets, but we do not want anyone drinking the water until we are given the “all-clear.” Flagler Schools is in communication with the City of Palm Coast, which is the water provider for Wadsworth Elementary and the City of Bunnell, which provides water to Bunnell Elementary. On Monday, we will begin another round of testing as we try to pinpoint the exact cause of the contamination.

Additional information about lead and drinking water from the EPA can be found here.
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