School Board

School Board

Overseeing Flagler County Schools are five school board members, each of whom are elected by all Flagler County voters. All school board members represent the entire district and serve four-year terms. The board appoints a superintendent, who serves as the chief administrative officer of Flagler Schools. The board elects its chairperson and vice-chairperson annually.

The public is encouraged to contact the school board members on any issue, at (386) 437-7526 extension 1104. If you would like to submit a comment at a board meeting please use our Public Comments Submission Form to make a request. All virtual public comments must be received 24 hours prior to the Board workshop/meeting. All comments will be read as received.

Public Comments Submission Form

To access information about Legislative Updates from the Florida School Board Association, Federal Bills currently under consideration, or to access other information, please view the document library.

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