TRAIL Testimonials

Trail Testimonials

Please enjoy reading some TRAIL Testimonials from Participants, Families, Business Partners, and Community Partners. The TRAIL Team and participants love what we do!


- Through the TRAIL Program, I was able to improve my life skills with other people like me. My Coaches were awesome and helped me get better with writing and planning for goals and paying bills. Volunteering in my community helped me get my Flagler County Government Job. D.P. Successful TRAIL Participant

- The TRAIL is very outgoing with helping young people find a job or vocational placement. A.B. TRAIL Participant

- I have enjoyed my experiences with the Publix rotation this year. D.E. TRAIL Participant

- I like going out into the community and helping people. M.A. TRAIL Participant

- I like how we learn stuff in the classroom, then practice it in the community. One example is learning about different types of housing and what it takes to move in. T.G. TRAIL Participant

- I go out and recycle for a middle school and now have a vocational placement working with the custodial staff. V.S. TRAIL Participant


My son, Evan began coming to the TRAIL a year and a half ago. In this year and a half, his confidence has raised sky-high. He looks you in the eye now and speaks clearly and concisely. He has learned to be calm. He has learned beautiful skill sets to be far more productive in the community. Everyone we know is just astounded and so very delighted with Evan's progress. The TRAIL has done him a world of good in a mere 18 months! Stacie Strausser, Mother of Evan Strausser age 19

The TRAIL Program is brilliant!! It’s a unique blend of caring, nurturing staff and close integration with the community at large. The TRAIL Has guided and motivated our son, a young adult with autism, to acquire a multitude of life skills that will assuredly serve him well throughout his adult life. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend the TRAIL Program to any parent who wants to endure their special young person is equipped and prepared for a productive and rewarding future. Respectfully, Dave and Mary Kaye Ellis

The TRAIL Program provides me comfort in knowing that my Autistic Son has an opportunity to succeed independently as an adult. Iona Douglas-Moguel

We have been involved with the TRAIL Program for almost 4 years and are so happy with the staff and the program. Our son, TJ, has been learning how to be more independent; he helps around the house now and is more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Annarita Elliff

Jim and I want to thank the TRAIL from the bottom of our hearts for diligently and tirelessly working with our grandson, Henry. We have seen him change into a mature, happy, knowledgeable young man who cannot wait to go to work with his job coach each week. Yes, he loves his job... a real job... who knew? The TRAIL did. We did not see this in Henry's future. The TRAIL has accomplished a dream come true for us, and most of all for HENRY. It is with a sad heart that Henry will age out of the TRAIL Program. Go by and say "Hi" to Mr. Henry! Thank you for three wonderful years and the future years for Henry. Remona, Jim and Henry

The TRAIL Program was an answer to the question, how far and how much could our grandson (Alec Schiess) achieve? With the help of the professionals at the TRAIL, he has met and exceeded all of our expectations. He, now, has a job, two of them. His self-confidence has grown and he is gaining the respect of his peers, friends and family to an extent we never thought possible. Thank you, TRAIL, for all you have done for Alec. We (Diane, Alec and me) love you guys and will forever be indebted to you. Sandy, Diane and Alec

The TRAIL Program is a place to travel towards a brighter future and endless possibilities. Michael Smith, parent of Amanda Smith

The TRAIL Program was quite literally the answer to our prayers during the uncertain period after high school. The atmosphere, coaches and leadership helped our son exceed in life skills that we were not sure were possible. He’s a more effective communicator and wakes each day with a sense of purpose. Thank you for helping him not “fall off the cliff” after IEP’s end, but rather swan dive into his future. Eternally Grateful, Jay, Mary and Avery Pitts

Business and Community Partners

The students from the TRAIL Program have been a tremendous help to us with the STUFF Bus Program. They have been able to inventory, process orders, make deliveries and keep our closets stocked. It gives them work experience and helps the Foundation be able to continue to provide this much needed program in our school district. Thanks to all of the staff and students involved! Rebecca Bower, Flagler County Education Foundation Scholarship Specialist

"Talk about a win/win, the TRAIL program knocks it out of the park! Not only do we have volunteers from the program working with custodial, food service, office staff and taking care of our recycling but ITMS has hired 2 TRAIL participants who work in the ITMS cafeteria AND with our ITMS Custodial Team. The young adults are polite, efficient and very resourceful not to mention the most amazing positive attitudes. With the utmost confidence I highly recommend the TRAILS program for your organization. They will change your whole outlook on life." Paul Peacock, Indian Trails Middle School Principal

The TRAIL Transition Program is a proven success. The program has and will continue to give our young adults with disabilities an opportunity to have a positive and productive future. It gives the young adults the training and the work ethics to succeed in life, and I believe it gives these outstanding young adults the confidence and the courage to make a positive difference in their lives and become positive role models for others to follow. With the leadership of Dr. Halliday and a TEAM of dedicated special educators, that really care, they are making a positive difference in the lives of many. The TRAIL Program has made a positive contribution to my life. Thank you all and please continue your PASSION for helping others to believe in themselves. You all make me very PROUD and thank you for letting me be part of your winning team. With pride and prayers, John Fischer

The master gardeners who work at the Community Garden are universal in their praise of the TRAIL members who have worked with us. In addition to the Boys & Girls Club, their presence has helped us to attract more master gardeners to the project. The manpower provided by the TRAIL Transition Program has gone a long way toward keeping us in business by providing the muscle and effort that the average master gardener (65+ years old) has trouble with. In addition, we have rarely had an ego issue dealing with TRAIL personnel, and our interactions with them are generally very positive. I can relate that many of the teenagers we've worked with over the years are not nearly as eager to help as TRAIL Transition Members are. Thank you for helping us out! David Tibbetts, Community Garden

For the past few years, we have purchased the poinsettias from the TRAIL Transition Program. They brought joy to those who received the flowers, and we knew we were supporting a wonderful program that helps people be the best they can through the life skills program. Anna Crawford, Wadsworth Elementary School Principal © 2019 Flagler County Public Schools.