Flagler Schools Zoom Updates

Flagler Schools issues Zoom update
Posted on 04/05/2020

Flagler Schools has transitioned to the Zoom Education Pro account. This version of Zoom will help to ensure the online safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff. It will allow centralized management and additional security settings within the Zoom meeting application for Flagler Schools. We've made the following improvements to ensure only Flagler Schools students can participate in Flagler Zoom class meetings.

  • All Students must Sign-in to Zoom with FlaglerSchools account to join Zoom class meetings.
  • Zoom Class Meetings will use the Zoom Waiting Room feature.
  • Unique Meeting IDs will be used for Zoom class meetings.

Additional instructions on how to log on to a Zoom meeting for students can be found here. You can also find all our "How To" videos, to include this subject, here.

zoom update

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