Flagler Parent Academy

Flagler Parent Academy
Posted on 09/14/2020

Flagler Schools is providing two webinars for our elementary parents this month and next. We would like to get the word out to our parents. The two webinars are Family Read Alouds (for K-6 parents) and Family Word Work (for K-1 parents). The webinars will be presented by our partners from the University of Florida Literacy Institute.

The James Patterson Literacy Challenge is a partnership between the University of Florida Literacy Institute and the James Patterson Foundation whose purpose is to address Florida’s literacy crisis. Two of the biggest problems facing low-performing schools are:

  • Many students come to school unprepared for the literacy expectations of their grade level

  • Many teachers are unprepared to address the needs of struggling readers

The James Patterson Literacy Challenge will address these literacy issues by working with the elementary schools in Flagler County to provide:

  • ongoing professional learning activities in each school

  • online personalized professional development for all teachers and school leader

  • ongoing, school-based direct support from the JPLC staff (Kimberly Robinson and other partnership facilitators)

  • development of local summer literacy programs to support sustainable, cost-effective, ongoing professional development and coaching for teachers

  • direct intervention for struggling readers

  • parent academy to help parents support literacy at home

The JPLC typically works with schools for two to three years.


Family Read Aloud     
9/24/20     6:00 PM       K-6 Parents  


Family Word Work     10/22/20     6:00 PM      K-1 Parents 


Flagler Parent Academy

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