Voluntary Pre-K

Voluntary Pre-K

Update for current 19-20 students in VPK and Pre-K ESE: Registration for VPK is now on hold. We are trying to get further guidance by April 15th.

VPK and Pre-K ESE teachers will be providing packets for students. The first packet will be available to be downloaded on Monday, March 30th (see folders at the bottom of this webpage). Parents/guardians can reach out to their teachers if they are unable to print at home. Hard copies will be available on an as needed basis. 

Teachers are working remotely, starting March 30th. The pick up location for all packets will now be at Bunnell Elementary's Early Learning Center, 800 E. Howe St, in Bunnell. Pick up time will be from 10am-11am on Tuesday of each week. This will be a drive up situation where the packet will be handed to the parent/guardian of each VPK and Pre-K ESE student. Parents/guardians please stay in your vehicle. 

The first week, packets will be a general packet for all VPK the first week, which will be available in the folder titled "WEEK 1 Packet All Schools".  Students in our Pre-K ESE classes at Bunnell, will be able to access a packet for their children in the Bunnell Elementary folder. 

Each week after, the individual schools will have a packet for their school, uploaded below, under their school named folder.  Hard copies will continue to be available on an as needed basis. VPK and Pre-K ESE teachers will be calling parents/guardians each week to check-in and provide support for our students with IEP's. Parents/guardians can also contact their teacher for help or guidance, through email or ClassDojo. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 
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