State Guidance

Flagler Schools relies on the following emergency orders and rules from Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida Department of Health, and the Florida Department of Education:

Executive Order 21-175: Ensuring Parents' Freedom to Choose - Masks in Schools

Emergency Rule 64DER21-12:
Protocols for Controlling COVID-19 in School Settings

Emergency Rule 64DER21-15:
Protocols for Student Notification After Close Contact

Emergency Rule 6AER21-01:
Pupil Attendance Records for COVID-19

Emergency Rule 6AER21-02: Hope Scholarship Transfer Procedures

Covid-19 Symptomatic Decision Tree (English): Protocols for Controlling COVID-19

Covid-19 Symptomatic Decision Tree (Spanish): Protocols for Controlling COVID-19

Florida Department of Health - Flagler County: Clarification of COVID-19 School Protocols © 2019 Flagler County Public Schools.