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Elementary Students (Grades K-6) that live within ONE (1) mile of their home school zone will NOT be provided School Bus Transportation.

Secondary Students (Grades 7-12) that live within TWO (2) miles of their home school zone will NOT be provided School Bus Transportation.

"N/A"or "Not Available" means that your home address is NOT outside the 1-mile and 2-mile boundaries in order for your student(s) to be eligible to ride the bus to and from school.

Currently, Flagler County School Board policy is that students in grades K-6 living outside one (1+) mile of their home school zone can be provided bus transportation wherever possible.

Please know that Flagler County Schools does NOT receive any funding from the State of Florida for transporting students within two (2) miles of their school of residence.

Please review Kindergarten dismissal form in the forms library or click here.

Kindergarten Dismissal Procedure: Kindergarten students will be given a yellow wristband to be placed on their backpack that will list their name, bus name, and bus stop location. Upon arriving at a bus stop, the driver will check the wristband to ensure the student is getting off at the correct stop and will verify the designee pick-up information and check identification of the designee as necessary. If the designee is not listed on the Dismissal form here or if a designee is not at the bus stop to receive the student, the student will be returned to their school. 
All parents with students in 1st-3rd grade will have the option of asking the school to place an identifying wristband on the backpack of those students. Please contact the school your student attends if you are interested in this program. For more information please see the Kindergarten-3rd Grade Procedures for dismissal. 

Key contacts below can be reached at (386) 586-2145

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