District Rezoning

CampusDue to an increase in enrollment, and special program requirements, Flagler Schools is undergoing a rezoning process. Rezoning will allow us to support long-term, balanced enrollment, and sustainable facility usage. Throughout the process, Flagler Schools is requesting input from our families, students, staff, and the community.

Reasons for Rezoning
Our current school zones are insufficient for our growth. Increased enrollment has led to overcrowding at some schools, while others are underutilized. The zone review process will enable us to optimize facility utilization, and ensure that our facilities are being used to best serve our students. 

Our proposed rezoning plan will allow us to:
  • Minimize student travel time
  • Align school and county demographics
  • Maximize facility usage
  • Increase efficiency of resource allocation
  • Increase fiscal responsibility

In April 2021, the School Board approved moving 6th graders to middle schools, effective the 2022–2023 school year. This decision was made because Flagler County's student population is growing, and our current K-6 and high schools are over capacity, while there is available capacity at middle schools.

The K–5 shift will level out enrollment, with demographics more proportionate to Flagler County. Even after this change is implemented, middle and high schools will remain above the threshold for School Choice. There are over 2,000 additional student stations reserved by new developments.

School Capacity

Current Elementary is K–6, but will be moved to K–5 for the 2022–2023 school year. Enrollment numbers are current enrollment as of 8/16/21, placed in the K–5 model.

Rezoning Process
In our review of school zones, we are considering data including current and future enrollment, as well as future residential development. We have developed enrollment projections based on birth rates and grade progression trends. To predict residential growth expectations, we have compiled zoning information and current residential development data from local municipalities. We have also established a set of guiding principles in order to develop proposals. These proposals will allow us to refine the options presented using modeling capabilities

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Guiding Principles
Our guiding principles are the set of values that inform our research, evaluation, and decisions during this process. The guiding principles come from our leadership, School Board members, student enrollment projections, our policies, and best practices from other school districts.
  • Implement a transparent, inclusive zone review process that engages our families and the community
  • Consider individual school capacities and student population projections to balance enrollment
  • Prioritize equitable access to safe, quality educational environments for all students
  • Consider the accessibility of school programs, and the needs of special students
  • Maintain neighborhood schools, and prioritize safe walking conditions to and from school
  • Limit transportation impacts, and maintain bus trip times
  • Optimize operational efficiency, to ensure the sustainable allocation of district resources

School Choice and Other Policies
School Choice is currently available if a school is below 90% capacity. Our recommendations are to update standard operating procedures, and to establish grandfather guidelines for current students. Please review the School Choice Proposal which includes a timeline, school status, student eligibility, and other considerations for the 2022–2023 school year.

Student transportation times and routes will be considered when evaluating potential rezoning options. Specific bus route information is not available at this stage in the process, as the Transportation Department is evaluating student ride times and potential impacts. 

Once zone modifications are established, implementation options will be evaluated based on factors such as facility capacities, number of impacted students, and transportation. An implementation recommendation will be submitted to the School Board for approval, and the Board will develop an implementation plan once their final decision is made public. The new school zones will take effect for the 2022–2023 school year. 

Rezoning Timeline

Community Information
Community input is essential to the success of the rezoning process. We have scheduled multiple public listening forums, as well as School Board Information workshops to give the community the opportunity to discuss the proposed zoning changes. We are also collecting feedback using the Let’sTalk! communication platform. Please check the Community Information page regularly, to view the public meeting schedule, access documents about the rezoning process, and watch videos from the latest Information Workshops.

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